Episode 9

Interview with Jamie Weinstein


February 7th, 2021

59 mins 45 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

In this episode, Stephen interviews Jamie Weinstein, independent journalist and host of the Jamie Weinstein show. They discuss:

  • Weinstein's version of Burkean conservatism
  • the mostly-interview, sometimes-a-conversation style of his podcast, which does not have a pretense of neutrality, but is open to a wide range of viewpoints
  • the difference between opinion, analysis, and reporting, and whether the media does a good job in distinguishing between the three -- and how the American public could do a better job of recognizing the difference
  • Weinstein's take on the first and second impeachments
  • whether what Donald Trump did leading up to January 6th was "incitement"
  • whether Democrats should have taken a slightly different tack on impeachment
  • whether Joe Biden is a "moderate Democrat"
  • how things might go with the COVID relief bill, how bipartisan it will be, and how that will affect Congress moving forward
  • Weinstein's favorite interview of his podcast, the episode with Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • the relative rarity of respectful conversations between two people who do not share a similar worldview or ideology
  • the extent to which Weinstein agrees with Coates on different forms of systemic racism
  • times when Weinstein heard an argument he disagreed with and thought, "you know, you might have a point"

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